About Peach Vending

  • What is a Micro Market?

    Micro markets are a revolutionary food delivery platform. Unlike a vending machine, the product mix is not confined inside a box.  This creates the opportunity to interact with a large selection of products and view nutritional facts before making a purchase. These open-air markets are like having a mini Whole Foods right in your break room!

  • Food and beverage coolers

    Our micro markets can be customized to include beverage and snack coolers, coffee stations, fresh fruit stands and freezers.

  • Custom shelving

    Shelving can be decreased or extended to accommodate the space available for your market.

Customize with Graphic Banners

Promote your brand with graphic banners customized to include your company logo.

What you’ll need

  • Minimum: 8 feet

    A minimum of 8 feet allows us to create your micro market and stock it with a variety of products.

    A Power Source

    One to two electrical outlets, depending on the size of your micro market.

  • Let’s get started!

    Make your employees happy and healthy with a Peach Vending Micro Market!